fredag 13 december 2013

Warhammer Epic Strikes back 2014..?

Annons för Space Marine Epic 1989.
Tänk om vi får se liknande annonser under 2014..?

Har GW till slut ändrat sig och äntligen förstått att det minsann fortfarande finns ett visst intresse i deras just nu på is lagda "Specialist Games"?
Ja om man ska tro ryktesspridningen på bla den här sidan finns det faktiskt en gnutta hopp till det som många äldre (och yngre) spelare önskat.
Kan detta vara sant eller är det bara ett rykte?

  Epic 40k was and is a game that many of us have found memories of playing and loving. Its been years since I have heard of a game of Epic played, and it is one of those game that would be a ton of fun if it returned with support. Today's rumors tackle Epic, giving it a possible release date of July-August of next year.
Now if these specialists games are coming back, my long time favorite would also possibly see a return... Battlefleet Gothic. I would be all over that.

via Tim the Thief
GW will bring back Specialist Games gradually with beginning in the 3th Quarter 2014.
 -First Game will be Epic in July or August 2014
-There will be no individual model Boxes or Blister, only Game Sets and possibly "Expansions"
-Sets remain permanent in assortment
-Epic Game Set might feature  Space Marines vs. Orks, there will be Sets for Imperial Guard, Eldar and Chaos

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